CliftonStrength Assessment

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The CliftonStrengths Assessment from Gallup developed by Donald Clifton is a helpful instrument when looking at individual and team strengths. Over 26 million people worldwide have discovered what they are best at by using CliftonStrengths.

We can work with you to customize a team building workshop intervention that will help your team develop appreciation for each other's strengths, and see how they apply to challenges the team is facing together. A typical team building workshop may include:

  • Introductions and warmup
  • How to become more engaged in the workplace, using strengths
  • Introducing everyone’s top strengths themes
  • The journey from talent to strength
  • Understanding the team’s matrix of strengths
  • Applying our strengths to a current team challenge
  • Appreciation feedback exercise

A team workshop is best preceded by a 1-on-1 individual coaching session for each member. This is an important step as it helps everyone become familiar with strengths language and how to own and apply their strengths themes.

(Gallup's recent research shows how important a focus on strengths is to an organisation, with people who are able to focus on their strengths at work being six times more likely to report as being engaged.)


“We held a Strengths-Finder training with John Mawdsley of Nexus Partners.  My team were highly engaged and came away with a new perception of and belief in themselves. They also gained a greater understanding of each other and how they could support each other’s strengths, for both greater work efficiency and for building positive culture. John led with good energy and insights and built good early rapport with my team. Highly recommended.”  Murray Sheard, CEO, CBM New Zealand.

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