Leadership programmes

Ledership programmes

In our work conducting leadership development, we notice a number of things. Firstly, leaders love to learn and we love to work with them on their leadership journey as they do this learning.

We also notice that leaders we work with respond well when we challenge them to reach for things that they haven't yet achieved. This might be to articulate a fresh vision with their team, to renew relationships that are failing, or to set higher expectations of those who fall short of the organisation's values and standards.

There are also critical points in each leader's journey where support is vital. Our leadership training helps leaders at these difficult times as they navigate particular challenges. We provide coaching, encouragement and insights which assists them to move ahead.

Foundations Of Leadership

This programme offers fundamental learning about what it is to be a leader. We recommend this to front line leaders or people taking up a leadership role for the first time. The programme develops skill and knowledge of:

  • What leadership is and how to transition into the role.
  • Communicating clearly and assertively as a leader.
  • Providing feedback and coaching to your followers.
  • Recognising different leadership styles and when each is appropriate
  • Delegating for results
  • Team building and managing team dynamics
  • Leading in difficult situations


This leadership training has a workshop component of 2 or 3 days depending upon the setting and has an integrated on-site coaching visit built in to ensure that application of learning is reinforced.

The Influential Leader

This is a multi-faceted leadership development programme that extends over 4 months. It is tailored to produce leaders who have acquired a deep knowledge of what it means to lead over the long haul. The workshop component extends over 4 x 2-day workshops, has several coaching visits built in, makes use of a range of psychometric instruments for building self-awareness, and culminates in the presentation of a significant leadership project to the group and invited senior management.


The learning topics in The Influential Leader programme include:

  • Leadership and management – principles of power and influence
  • Building emotional intelligence
  • The impact of personality on leadership – using MBTI
  • Managing performance
  • Developing others through feedback and coaching
  • Communicating effectively
  • Management training on conflict
  • Leading through change
  • Leading the team
The Leadership Challenge

This programme is for the more experienced leader who finds the need to refresh their leadership practice. Based on the work of Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner and their groundbreaking book The Leadership Challenge, the programme incorporates their Five Practices Of Exemplary Leadership which are:

  • Model The Way
  • Inspire A Shared Vision
  • Challenge The Process
  • Enable Others To Act
  • Encourage The Heart.


World renowned for inspiring and encouraging leaders to reach for greater heights of accomplishment and depth of understanding, this programme can bring about significant change when applied by your high potential leaders. This is a 2-day workshop backed up by personalised leadership coaching. It also has at its heart the use of the Leadership Practices Inventory - a 360 degree feedback tool that is elegant in its simplicity and produces insights about strengths and areas for development that would otherwise go unnoticed.