Myers Briggs

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MBTI Team Workshops

Nexus Partners is accredited to deliver exciting and engaging team building workshops using Myers Briggs or MBTI. By understanding how you are different from others and how team members can relate better with one another using the knowledge of the MBTI model, team members can better understand how to maximise each other's differences for the good of the team and the organisation.

There are a number of advantages to working with Myers Briggs. Firstly it is a proven model of personality difference that is very widely used around the world. Many people have heard of MBTI even if they haven’t completed the assessment yet. Another advantage is that it does not “put you in a box”. People are given plenty of time in our workshops to reflect on the Myers Briggs types and find one that is a good fit for them.

A typical MBTI team workshop with Nexus will contain the following:

  • Introductions and warm-up
  • Administering the MBTI personality questionnaire
  • Explaining personality type theory
  • Looking at questionnaire results and checking that you have been typed correctly
  • Four creative and fun team activities to demonstrate personality type difference in the team
  • How we plan to maximise  personality type difference in our team

Once a team has completed the basic MBTI team building workshop there are a number of advanced topics that can be addressed as a next step. These include

  • Personality type and stress management
  • Type and team communication
  • How best to learn, factoring in your personality type
  • Personality type and its implications for leadership

To find out how Myers Briggs can best be used by your team, please contact us by clicking on the button below.

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