Team development

Team development
Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Nexus Partners is accredited to deliver exciting and engaging team building workshops using the MBTI. By understanding how you are different from others and how team members can relate better with one another using the knowledge of the MBTI model, team members can better understand how to maximise each other's differences for the good of the team and the organisation.

StrengthsFinder For Teams

The StrengthsFinder tool from Gallup developed by Donald Clifton is a helpful instrument when looking at individual and team strengths.  We can work with you to customize a workshop intervention that will help your team develop appreciation for each other's strengths, and see how they apply to challenges the team is facing together.  When used in conjunction with the Pat Lencioni healthy team functioning model (see below) we see teams develop to new heights of performance.  (Gallup's recent research shows how important a focus on strengths is to an organisation, with people who are able to focus on their strengths at work being six times more likely to report as being engaged.)

Team Assessment

We have a variety of ways to help you assess the health of your team. These can be used as a starting point for planning a specific intervention to facilitate healthy team development. Primarily, we assess against well-recognised factors that contribute to high performance in the team. This is done online for ease of data collection. An easy-to-understand report is delivered to the team and its leader to consider in setting out a plan for the team's growth.

Healthy Team Functioning Workshops

Once assessment has taken place we work with you to customise a short series of team development workshops that are proven to result in better team performance. We are users of Pat Lencioni's material on healthy team functioning and we find that many teams benefit from examining and learning about his model which produces the following strengths for a team:
•    Building Trust
•    Mastering Healthy Conflict
•    Achieving Commitment
•    Embracing Accountability
•    Focusing On Results

Meetings That Work

We can come alongside your teams and team leaders and work with them to improve and develop meeting behaviours, processes and outcomes that will really help get things moving in the right direction. 

Meetings That Work is an integrated approach that sees us observing a team's meetings as a starting point. Then we add in the use of an on-line survey for the whole team to complete. Then we work with the team leader to build lasting capability into the team that sees meetings transformed from the mundane and frustrating into being highly productive and a real contributor to your organisation's bottom line. Part of the process is a workshop for the whole team that is highly tailored and based on our discoveries from the observation and assessment phase. 

Then we remain connected with the team for a couple of meeting cycles to help ensure the positive changes are lasting ones. Often we repeat the assessment survey as an ongoing health-check. 

And this works for any team from the senior leadership team or board, right through the organisation - wherever meetings occur, we can help.

Teams In Conflict

We work with teams that are struggling to understand how to process and cope with conflict among team members. We come alongside the team to bring clarity about the issues causing the conflict and work to bring the team to resolution of these issues. We use a variety of conflict resolution models in our work with teams in conflict and this means that different approaches can be drawn upon depending on the specific needs of the team.