Leadership and Management

This blogpost is designed to get you thinking about how well you balance the demands of management as well as leadership.

Management and leadership exist at opposite ends of a spectrum.  A strictly management approach can cause people to be considered as assets, which makes them feel undervalued.  Management without leadership can cling to the status quo, and encourage bureaucracy and an undue emphasis on process.

Leadership without management may inspire people to strive to reach the vision, but then frustrate them by not resourcing them to get there. Procedures policies and systems might be inadequate, and critical issues overlooked.

Leadership is different to management. One skill-set does not automatically imply the other.


Management without leadership is a recipe for mediocrity.

Leadership without management is a recipe for disaster!

Warren Bennis


Some questions to consider:

  1. Where does my strength lie – leadership or management?
  2. Is there an imbalance in my practice? What might I do to redress this?
  3. Who can help me acheive more of a balanced approach?


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