Leadership Credibility

Credibility engenders supportiveness and enthusiasm in your followers.  A credible leader attracts followers, and encourages commitment and the desire to excel.

A credible leader inspires followers because they have confidence in the leader’s personal integrity and competence to lead.  Credibility is the foundation of effective leadership.


4 Key Factors in Credibility

Through a survey of 15,000 managers world-wide Barry Posner and Jim Kouzes identified four prime characteristics that strongly contribute to the credibility of leaders.  These four characteristics were identified by more than 50% of respondents in the survey:

  • Honest
  • Forward-looking
  • Competent
  • Inspiring

Building Credibility

So it is worth reflecting on the way you exhibit the 4 chararteristics:

  1. Can my word be relied upon? (Honest)
  2. To what extent do I engage my followers in invigorating conversations about the future of our team and its work? (Forward-looking)
  3. Do I demonstrate that I am technically up to my role? Do I admit it publically when I get it wrong? (Competent)
  4. Do I use inspiring imagery when I talk about the future? Have we found a good metaphor that describes the future state of our team or business? (Inspiring)


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