Leadership Update – May 2018

There are many ways to build teams, but I would like to write about a couple of methods I have found useful of late.

Firstly, there are a number of things that are needed for a team to succeed. One of these is trust between team members. There are several things that I have found work well for trust to be built up. One of these is to have team members open up and be vulnerable with each other. This can be done using a set of structured questions for each person to respond to such as:

Where did you grow up?

Who was most influential in your life other than your parents?

What was your first job? Your worst job? Your best job?

What was your biggest work challenge? What did you do to succeed?

Having each person answer these questions opens up trust as they become vulnerable with each other. This can lead on to continued vulnerability where people share their workplace struggles with each other as a regular way of operating and seeking support.

When team members see each other as a source of support and encouragement around those things they find the greatest challenge at work, the team performs at a high level and can accomplish even greater things.

 John Mawdsley

 (If you’d like to talk about the particular challenges your team faces and how to overcome them please email me at johnm@nexuspartners.co.nz or phone 021 644707.)


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