Meetings That Work

Don't you love it when a meeting goes well? How often does that happen in your workplace? We have just the answer if your meetings are less than stellar!

We can come alongside your teams and team leaders and work with them to improve and develop meeting behaviours, processes and outcomes that will really help get things moving in the right direction.

Meetings That Work is an integrated approach that sees us observing a team's meetings as a starting point. Then we add in the use of an on-line survey for the whole team to complete. Then we work with the team leader to build lasting capability into the team that sees meetings transformed from the mundane and frustrating into being highly productive and a real contributor to your organisation's bottom line. Part of the process is a workshop for the whole team that is highly tailored and based on our discoveries from the observation and assessment phase.

Then we remain connected with the team for a couple of meeting cycles to help ensure the positive changes are lasting ones. Often we repeat the assessment survey as an ongoing health-check.

And this works for any team from the senior leadership team or board, right through the organisation - wherever meetings occur, we can help.


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