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Welcome to our new Nexus website and specifically to our new blog. This will be a place for you to come and seek some of our thinking on leadership and what makes for great teamwork. There will be posts made each fortnight to keep you thinking.
For today, let's think about the disciplines of the good leader. We think that there are 4 things that leaders need to be doing in order to have a good sense of discipline to their leadership.
1. Getting some feedback on a regular basis about how well they are leading. And responding to what they learn from this process.
2. Engaging with someone who can help them develop - this could be a coach or a mentor.
3. Looking for input to their leadership practice by way of reading, discussion with peers or ongoing study.
4. Regular self-reflection. We often see leaders moving on to the next accomplishment without pausing and reflecting on what has gone well, and could be improved. This discipline is essential for self-learning.

In these ways you will see yourself develop into the leader you have potential to be.


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