What We’re Reading: “Learning Leadership” by Kouzes and Posner

What We’re Reading: “Learning Leadership” by Kouzes and Posner

You may already be familiar with “The Leadership Challenge” or LPI 360 through our work with you. Authors and researchers Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner have just released a ground-breaking new book on leadership – explaining the process leaders must engage in if they are to continue to develop and grow as leaders.

 Here’s a summary for you of their findings, which we will build on in subsequent newsletters.

Firstly it’s a myth that leadership can’t be learned. Every day we work with people who realize that leadership potential is everywhere. But harvesting that potential is a deliberate and conscious process for you to grow as a leader. 

  1. Believe you can develop. The starting point for any leader is to have confidence that you can develop and grow your ability as a leader. Without that belief, there’s not much training or coaching can to to develop you.
  2. Aspire to excel. You have to aim for something greater than where you are today. What is your big dream when it comes to becoming the leader you have the potential to be?
  3. Challenge yourself. Like any good athlete your leadership skills and abilities need exercise if they are to grow and mature. What are you working on that will see you move into a new and better space as a leader? What goals have you set yourself for the way you lead?
  4. Engage support. Referring once more to the world of sport – all successful sportspeople engage with a coach who can help them open up their potential to be better. You can’t become a leader of excellence without support. What are you doing to engage with a mentor or coach who can help guide you in the development of your leadership skills?
  5. Practice deliberately. Kouzes and Posner say “What actually differentiates expert performers from good performers is their dedication to doing something every day to improve.” What are you doing to consciously reflect on your leadership practice on a regular basis? 

To be in the draw to win a copy of this new book, simply email info@nexuspartners with your name and contact details.


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